Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Memory of Jonathan Kühne (January 27 to October 5, 2009)

The average life expectancy here in the Central African Republic is just under 40 years. That means we attend a lot of funerals. Yesterday we attended one that was especially sad.


Jonathan was the 8-month-old son of the Rev. Mirco and Rahel Kühne. They are missionaries from Germany serving here in Baboua. They both teach at the Bible School and have been busy raising their three boys: Aaron, Daniel, and Jonathan. On Sunday, Jonathan became ill with malaria. On Monday morning he died of complications from a disease that kills way too many people. The funeral was held at their house in the afternoon. He was buried yesterday by his swing, down by their garden.


Please pray for the family and for the many others affected by this series disease.


Joe and Deborah Troester
Baboua, Central African Republic



  1. Thank you for this stark reminder. I thank God for places like the ELCA that reach out in Christ's name for these wonderful people. We must continue to support all of these ministries!!
    Ron (and Debbie) Gustafson

  2. Mariel has commented about this family as well as all the people she managed to meet while in CAR and Cameroon. We will pray for all of you. God Bless you!

  3. Joe and Deborah- Please let Rev. Mirco and Rahel know we will keep them in our prayers.
    We feel very sad with these news and hope everything is better for all. I am at a loss of words, since while at Baboua I got to know them and witness their commitment to the Lord.
    May God bless and keep all of you!