Saturday, August 15, 2009

Schedule of Troesters visits to Supporting Congregations

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Deborah, Christa, and I are visiting our supporting congregations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Below is a tentative schedule that we have worked out. Several of the dates (especially those toward the end of the list) have not been confirmed by the congregations. So please call your local church to confirm and to ask about the exact time of the event. If you would like us to visit your congregation and it is not on the list, please let us know and we will try to work it in. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Yours in Christ,

Joe, Deborah, and Christa Troester
ELCA Missionaries in the Central African Republic

May 24: Grace Lutheran Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 24: St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral in San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 28: Puerto Rico District of the Caribbean Synod ELCA
May 30: Son Lights in Puerto Rico Emmaus Community
May 31: Union Church of San Juan in San Juan, Puerto Rico
June 2: Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Venice, Florida
June 3: ECHO in Fort Meyers, Florida
June 7: First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale, Illinois
June 14: United Lutheran Church in Cavalier, North Dakota
June 14: Our Savior Lutheran Church in Grafton, North Dakota
June 15: United Lutheran Church in Langdon, North Dakota
June 16: First Lutheran Church in New Rockford
June 17: United Lutheran Church in Brocket, North Dakota
June 18: Our Savior Lutheran Church in Rolla, North Dakota
June 21: First Lutheran Church in Williston, North Dakota
June 23: Western North Dakota Synod, Bismarck, North Dakota
June 23: Zion Lutheran Church in Ashley, North Dakota
June 24: Eastern North Dakota Synod, Fargo, North Dakota
June 27: Resurrection Lutheran Church in Bloomington, Illinois
June 28: St. Peter Lutheran Church in Emden, Illinois
June 28: St. Paul Lutheran Church in Peoria, Illinois
June 28: St. John Lutheran Church, Hartsburg, Illinois
July 1: St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Urbana, Illinois
July 7: Zion Lutheran Church in Farmersville, Illinois
July 8: Central Southern Illinois Synod, Springfield, Illinois
July 8: Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sparta, Illinois
July 19: Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in De Soto, Illinois
July 19: First Lutheran Church in Murphysboro, Illinois
July 23: Epiphany Lutheran Church, Carbondale, Illinois
July 23: First Presbyterian Church Dinner at Giant City Lodge
August 2: Blessing at First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale

Note: This schedule was corrected after the summer was over.

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